Dr. William Wiencke teaches drafting at East Ridge High school, and heads up the school's Career Tech department.   He's launched a few architectural careers, with an unorthodox style that downplays lecturing.

Many of Wiencke's students are award winners, designing projects that have earned them scholarships, and trips to national competitions.   Aubrie Quarles is a statewide winner, headed to Skills USA in Kansas City in June.   She says he's more than just another teacher. "He's like family," she said.

The veteran teacher laughs at jabs about his age.   He's about to turn 65, and even brought in his manual typewriter, joking that students think it needs charging every day.   That's his style....a personal touch that encourages self-paced learning.   Administrators say students appreciate the respect.

Before coming to East Ridge, Wiencke worked in several different states.   He will miss the competitions, the computers and challenges, but to no one's surprise, there's nothing he'll miss more than the students.  The feeling is definitely mutual.