UPDATE:  The assistant coach from Dalton State who was seriously injured in a car crash is scheduled to be released.

According to the Caring Bridge website, John Redman is scheduled to be released from outpatient care next week, on July 3rd.

UPDATE: Dalton State’s Athletic Director Derek Waugh is with the family of Coach John Redman at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Waugh just sent this update on “Coach Red:”

“John is in ICU at Grady Memorial.  He has suffered multiple fractures, including a skull fracture. He has use of his limbs. He is heavily sedated. He has been able to breathe on his own but is on a breathing tube. Doctors expect to know more about his prognosis later tonight. Please keep the Huber family and John and his family on your prayers.  I have informed his parents of the outpouring of love and prayers that have come from our community for Brittany and John.”

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dalton State assistant basketball coach seriously injured a car crash last week could be taken off sedatives soon.  John Redman and his fiance Brittany Huber were headed to Mobile, Alabama last Monday, when they crashed into a cement barrier on Interstate 85, outside of Atlanta.

Huber was killed on impact.  Redman sustained serious head trauma and several broken bones, and has been in the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital since the accident.  

According to Dalton State Athletic Director Derek Waugh, Redman is gradually regaining bodily functions and is beginning to move a bit.   He says the doctors hope to gradually wake him up.   He asks you continue to keep the Redman and Huber families in your prayers.

PREVIOUS STORY: DALTON, GA (WRCB) - Just days before their wedding, a North Georgia couple was involved in a tragic car accident. The bride-to-be is dead and her fiance is seriously injured. The Dalton community is trying to process the news that seems too horrible to be true.

The crash happened Monday night on Interstate 85 in Meriwether County, south of Atlanta. The Georgia State Patrol says the male driver lost control of the car, and hit a concrete bridge support. His fiance was pronounced dead on the scene. He's hanging onto life with serious injuries.

23-year-old John Redman and 25-year-old Brittany Huber had been planning their wedding since last summer, when they moved to Dalton for John's job asassistant coach with Dalton State's new basketball program. She got hired on at City Park Elementary.

The two were traveling to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama for their wedding on Saturday, but they didn't make it.

"I didn't really want to believe it at first," Dalton State basketball player Tyrel Edwards said.

Dalton State basketball player Tyrel edwards says they were always talking about how excited they were for their wedding that was set for this Saturday in their hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

"My recruiting visit he was talking about how he has a fiance he's so in love with so he's definitely been looking forward to this wedding a long time," Edwards said.
They both worked Monday, then left for Mobile excited to return as husband and wife.

"You could tell they were just really in love and ready to get started on their marriage and their future, so just a horrible, horrible tragedy," City Park Elementary School Dr. Rick Little said.

The crash killed Brittany who was a kindergarten paraprofessional.

"Very much outgoing, always smile on her face, took every challenge, just an amazing young lady," Dr. Little said.

She had a hearing impairment, but never let it get in her way.

"Just an absolute sweetheart and I think she and John had a special thing," Dalton State College Athletic Director Derek Waugh said.

Waugh just returned from John's hospital bedside where he says doctors are keeping him unconscious with medicine.

"It's really in doctor's hands and God's hands," Waugh said.

John's family told him how touched they are that so many people are praying for them.

"She said it makes me feel really warm inside to know that outpouring of support for John and Brittany given the fact they've only been in this community a year."

Those who know the couple say they've impacted the community in their short time here, by both being positive and helpful to everyone they've met.

Counselors are on hand for students and staff at Dalton State and City Park Elementary.

Officials with Georgia State Patrol says the crash is not considered weather-related and that charges are pending.