One man is dead, another facing murder charges after an early morning shooting Tuesday in Bledsoe County, Tennessee

"I think he said do you smoke dope? I think that was his words and I said 'No, don't drink, don't smoke, none of that stuff,'" recalls Clay Brown of his first meeting of 32 year old Casey Lee Anderson.

Brown says that was Monday morning, hours before the farm hand who worked on a neighboring property allegedly shot and killed a fellow worker.

"They worked on it all day Monday, to get that little box all set up there, and they argued about it all day," says Brown, who says that's the last time he saw both men alive, erecting a new mailbox and sign for the neighboring property owner only identified as "Rocky".

Roughly a dozen hours later, Brown heard the gunshots ring out across his driveway. It would be another 12 or so hours before Bledsoe County deputies got the call and "finding Casey Lee Anderson on scene and admitting to the killing," says Bledsoe County Sheriff Jimmy Morris

As Sheriff Morris notes this is Bledsoe County's first murder this year, Anderson's latest arrest isn't his first brush with the law.    

"He seems to be in the system pretty well," says Morris. "Because Hamilton County has already put a hold on him and probation has been a visiting him this morning so he has a criminal history."

So far, we've been able to ascertain at least 9 previous arrests of Anderson, and we were at the Bledsoe County Justice Center this morning when probationers came calling for Anderson to undergo drug testing.

Sheriff Morris won't yet identify Anderson's alleged victim by name, but does confirm the deceased is a male who worked on the farm alongside the accused.

Before we left, the property owner identified as "Rocky", quickly took down the warning sign for trespassers saying the now deceased man's joke isn't amusing now.

The sign suggested trespassers would be shot, survivors would be shot a second time.

Sheriff Morris says Anderson is currently being held in the Bledsoe County Jail without bond.