It's a hidden treasure among Hixson residents, but some aviation enthusiasts are hoping to change that by making the Hixson Flight Museum more widely known and educate more people on the art of flying.

"Many of our aircrafts have been overseas in the military, they've help shape the country we have now," said Andreas Montgomery, Pilot.

It's history right at your back door, with many vintage finds you might not see anywhere else.

"It's almost unheard of that people can actually be on an airport and be with these aircrafts that are so unique that most people can only hope to see in a museum much less be active with them," said Montgomery.

The flight museum in Hixson has been around for 4 years, but with the group growing in age, they're also growing in size.

"It has grown tremendously, we started out with just a few airplanes," said Montgomery.

Now with nearly a dozen planes and a few more on the way, they tell me it's time for a change and a little more space.

“We're gonna have a 120 ft. by 120 ft. hanger with almost a 1/4 acre of concrete and it will be open to the public," said Peter O’Hare, Pilot.

The new building is estimated to cost $300,000.

"It's all about money because we just don't have any, because it all goes to the children's hospital; but we're working on that," said O’Hare. "We've got enough for a deposit or at least to enough to put a driveway in."

O'Hare says they've got a few years to raise the money and complete the project.

He tells Channel 3 the main purpose is to have a place locally to bring history to the area, educate young minds and allow local enthusiasts to work on the planes first hand.

"This is about brining something to a local community that they've not had before," said O’Hare.

If you'd like to learn how you can help out with the project or would just like to learn more about the Hixson flight museum, Click here.