Two newborn kittens are recovering at a Humane Society facility after they were accidentally packed into a cardboard box in Los Angeles and shipped to a cable company in San Diego.

A veteran warehouse employee at a Cox Communications office in San Diego discovered the vagrant kittens April 4 after opening up a fiberglass delivery from Hollywood, Calif., according to Kelli Schry, a spokeswoman for the San Diego Humane Society.

The employee contacted the Humane Society, which arranged to have the tiny kittens rushed to its nursery. They now receive constant attention and bottle feeding every two hours, Schry said.

"We have the only 24-hour kitten nursery. Most shelters don't have staff operating around the clock," Schry said. "It was pretty lucky they ended up in San Diego."

It was not immediately clear how the kittens got into the shipment box, although Schry said the Humane Society staff "assumes the mother cat was looking for a safe place to keep her newborn kittens, and it's quite possible she placed the kittens in the box."

She said it's miraculous the fur balls, which a nurse named "Mouse" and "Wifi," survived the 126-mile voyage.