In November 1978, the world watched in horror, as more than 900 people., members of a cult called "The People's Temple", committed mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana, under the  leadership of the infamous Jim Jones.

A woman who escaped death, only because she was away from Jonestown on that fateful day, spoke at UTC and the Chattanooga Public Library, Wednesday night.

Laura Johnston-Kohl discussed her book "Jonestown Survivor, An Insider's Look."  She says her mission is now to explain who the people were, not sheep, she says, but visionaries of the time. Willing to give up everything and move to the South American rain forest to build a community that included everybody.

Johnston-Kohl also addresses survivor guilt. She says the fact she's made it is proof that Jim Jones was wrong. That people can survive anything.

She meets with other Jonestown survivors yearly, still trying to figure out why they didn't see what Jones really was.