The last frost usually hits mid April in these parts, but it might pay to be suspicious of anyone wearing a ski mask this time of year. Case in point: April 7th, a Monday, just after 8 AM. Two men enter the Family Dollar on Highway 58. "Can't see their faces," Chattanooga Police Detective Kendon Massengale explained. "They're both masked up wearing gloves. One is armed with a pistol."

The scene unfolds on store surveillance video. "As soon as they enter, they make everybody lay on the floor at gunpoint," Det. Massengale continued. "One suspect goes behind the counter and demands cash from a safe."

He must have been the ring-leader. His partner did not say a word. "The one with the pistol was kind of aggressive, said Massengale. "He took the clerk's cell phone, busted it on the ground. Grabbed the store phone, busted it on the ground. He was very vocal demanding the cash.

The scare tactics were not reserved for the clerk or the customers in the store. "As they're leaving the store," Massengale added, "there's actually a customer walking in with her children. At that time, they put the pistol in her face, trying to make them come in to the store. She refused and backed out of the store."

Once the bad guys had what they wanted, they took off around the corner and they were gone. They leave us, though, with pictures and video. The gunman is said to be a black male wearing a dark hoodie and blue cap. The other man appears to be a little shorter and wearing a red mask.

Do you recognize either or both of the men or their their clothing? Have you heard tell of someone knocking over a Family Dollar? Up to $1,000 reward cash is waiting for your good tip.

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