Funeral services for Zackery Bryant will be held at 11AM Saturday at Wilson Funeral Home, Fort Oglethorpe Chapel.  Public Viewing will be from 10:00am until 9:00pm Friday.

The death of a six-year-old boy continues to weigh heavy on the hearts of a North Georgia community. Zackery Bryant was killed after being struck by his school bus outside Chattanooga Valley Elementary School, early Monday morning.

Zackery's family says the support from the community has been overwhelming. His grandparents say there really are no words to describe what they are going through, only that they miss their youngest grandson very much.

"We love him so much. My heart just really rips in two for this and my son is just tore up. And his wife is just destroyed by this," says Zackery's grandfather, Tim.

The grandparents of 6-year-old Zackery Bryant say his mom, dad and four older brothers are trying their best to lean on each other.

"I don't know what to say," says Tim. "It's horrible."

"We're destroyed. There just are no words," says Janice.

Tim and Janice Bryant say they are still trying to accept how the boy with a "mile-wide smile" can be gone.

"From the moment this happened to this moment, it's beyond words. We can't form any thing to tell you how bad this hurts," says Tim.

"He was the baby," says Janice.

Janice says Zackery loved cub scouts and baseball. He also liked dressing up as superheroes. She says the family plans to bury him in his favorite Spider Man costume.

"He loved his brothers and his family. He would always greet you with a smile and a hug. And the last thing when he'd go out the door was the smile and the hug and 'Grandma Janice!'"

"He loved playing," says Tim. "He was always laughing, always...I had a cheerful time. He was just a wonderful child."

Now they say they have the hard task of preparing to say their final goodbyes.

"He was just taken too young. It's such a tragic thing," says Tim.

State law required Zackery's body be sent to Atlanta for an autopsy. The family is still waiting to make funeral arrangements.

In the meantime, the family says on top of prayers, they also need financial support. A memorial fund has been set up at all Wells Fargo Bank in Zackery's name.