Although he's confined to a wheelchair 10-year-old Skyler Bates' story has inspired many. Born with Cerebral Palsy he's not allowed his disabilities to hold him back.


Earlier this year he launched "Skyler's Anti Meth Fight" in honor of his brothers, River and Leeland Bates and to bring awareness to the tragedies of meth and addiction. His mother, Tasha Bates, is now serving life behind bars after being convicted of first degree murder and child neglect in his brothers' deaths.


Despite the darkness he's gone through Skyler is determined to make a difference, but his family needs help.

"I regret to inform you that I wish I had as many votes as I do on my van as I do on my anti meth page," Skyler says.

Right now Skyler relies on a bus to get to and from school. Once he's home, he stays there but with a new, handicap accessible van oh, the possibilities.

"We'd get to go on a lot more vacations together instead of just being cooped up in the house all the time," says Skyler.

He's entered a contest with the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association which will award new vans to those with the highest votes. So far, Skyler has a little more than 3,800 votes.

"So if I win this handicap van it would be, oh my gosh, so much easier, I couldn't even explain it in words how much easier it would be for my family just to load me up in the van and take me wherever we wanted to go," he explains.

With the contest coming to an end next month Skyler's on a mission to drum up as many votes as possible. "My family, our lives would just be so much easier if we had that handicap accessible van," he says.