LOOKOUT VALLEY, TN (WRCB) - One week of freedom and counting for a shooter who may look like this sketch.

He could be hiding in plain site after helping kill three men in a Lookout Valley neighborhood last week. One suspected shooter is already behind bars, but detectives say at least one more is on the run and they hope the only survivor can help them.

As we enter week two since the murders, the Hamilton County Sheriff hopes the public can give his detectives the break they need.

The public includes those right around Lookout Valley and the surrounding communities, who want nothing more than to know a killer is not among them.

"It's just a scary thought that there's people out there who could do something like this. You know, it's disturbing," Tammi Johnson said.

Last week multiple gunmen ambushed four men outside of a Lookout Valley mobile home on Kellys Ferry Place.

"Ya'll don't realize what you took away from a family," the sister of one victim said.

Neighbors say it was a black car, later found abandoned at a nearby motel, that drove up around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Then moments later, they heard the sound of gunshots.     


"My dad came in there and told me that gun shots were being fired and it was Derek," she said.

So far 19-year-old Derek Morse is the only one charged. He was booked Thursday for the murders of 24-year-old Jon Morris, 29-year-old Caleb Boozer and 53-year-old John Lang, and the attempted murder of a 16-year-old boy who has been trying to help investigators identify other suspects.

"Looking for one possibly two other suspects at the time of the hit. We do have some pretty significant leads," Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said in a news conference Thursday.

Sunday, the sheriff's office released a suspect sketch to the public of a white man who is 6'0" feet tall, weighing around 220 pounds with black hair and a full beard. They say he may have changed his appearance in recent days.

"I hope they catch them all and catch them soon," Johnson said.

Sheriff Hammond says this was a targeted shooting, but that doesn't help people in the community feel much better.  

"I used to come out here in the evening and grocery shop and go to the ATM if I needed to, but now I don't. Not until I hear that something's been done," Johnson said.

If the man in the sketch looks familiar, you're asked to call the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.