The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to a house fire on Kelly's Ferry Road early Tuesday morning just after 7:30.

Fire officials tell Channel 3 when firefighters arrived the fire on the porch wasn't big, but it kept homeowner Connie White from walking past it.

So, a senior firefighter walked inside the house, picked up White, and carried her out past the fire. White was not injured.


Chattanooga Fire Chief Morgan said firefighters used a single handheld hoseline to quickly put the fire out and that flames did not get into the house.

The cause of the fire whas been ruled accidental.  White told fire officials she dumped her cigarette butts into a trash bag and placed it on the front porch Monday night.

Chief Morgan tells Channel 3 it's likely that some of the cigarette butts were not completely out, resulting in  the fire.

White was able to return to her home after firefighters made sure the fire was completely out.

The dollar loss was estimated at roughly $5,000.