A multiple-vehicle crash Sunday in Bradley County involving two motorcycles and a passenger vehicle, resulted in Erlanger deploying two LifeForce helicopters to deliver the patients for emergency treatment.

The accident took place Sunday afternoon in the 8400 block of Frontage Road when two motorcycles collided with a car.

One motorcycle had a single rider; the second motorcycle had a rider and a passenger. The Bradley County EMS says all three suffered serious injuries, requiring the two most serious of them to be airlifted to Erlanger for examination and treatment.

The third was taken to Erlanger via ambulance.

The car’s occupants, a woman and a child, were transported to Sky Ridge Medical Center with minor injuries.

“These types of accidents that involve multiple trauma patients can be challenging. Our EMS service actually just completed training involving scenarios similar to this accident. All of our emergency personnel have been trained in mass casualty response and triage,” said Stan Clark, of Bradley County EMS.