The jury has found Tony Bigoms guilty of 1st degree murder in the 2012 
death and mutilation of Dana Wilkes

The jury of 12 will begin deliberating after lunch.

Closing arguments wrapped up. Judge selects two alternates, wht male & blk female.

Bigoms never calls Dana's phone after speaking w her son & police, after learning she was missing.

"Mr. Brown says it would take a monster, and he's right."

"It's appalling, disturbing & downright scary." Dana was in Bigoms phone as "Dinae", close to Dinah - acquitted for her murder.

Pope asks what kind of "friend" asks to have sex for $25. Says he was after Dana, who was his close friend's wife.

Pope: Bigoms car was so clean they couldn't even lift his own fingerprints out of it.

Defense wraps up. Asst. DA Lance Pope finishing final closing arguments.

Brown: "Convicting the wrong man does not give Dana justice or give her family closure."

Brown brings up witness who said Dana called him before to sell Xanax. Says this kind of violence can happen selling narcotics.

Brown reminds jurors no blood evidence found in Bigoms' car, says there would have been if he did it.

No incriminating evidence found during the searches of residences, Brown says. It's his 16th reasonable doubt point.

Brown says Bigoms cooperated with police during the entire investigation

Brown argues there was no proof that Bigoms was connected to any sort of dismemberment. Asks jurors to use common sense.

Brown begins closing argument again. One of the jurors needed a break, so that's why they paused.

Brown's closing argument interrupted, judge sends jury out of room. 15 min break.

Brown bringing up 10th evidentiary point why jurors should have reasonable doubt. Said bleaching shoes bc grease not uncommon

Brown says no DNA or evidence found in bloody, abandoned Jeep is linked to Bigoms.

Brown reminds jurors not to speculate. "After the act of violence was over, someone had to drive the Jeep."

Public defender Steve Brown up now. Brings up "overwhelming amount of reasonable doubt." Friendship btw Bigoms & Dana.

Williams: he's no longer presumed innocent, he's guilty. "Weigh evidence, follow the law, give Dana the justice she deserves."

Williams: Moral evidence of guilt. Dana's bloody bra, w Bigoms DNA on it. "He *almost* destroyed every piece of evidence."

Williams: incentive of removing Dana's hands & head. Tells jury to remember Dinah Burney, Bigoms DNA in her fingernails &mouth.

Bigoms went fishing before, near area Dana's body found. "Lying to police.. Familiar w the area" Bleaches shoes he was wearing.

Dana's phones were in same area as Bigoms at same time. "When his lies are compared to actual evidence, they fall apart."

Bigoms said he didn't have any contact w Dana after dropped off from Walmart, but called her at 2:31am in Wilcox Tunnel area.

Williams: Bigoms had Dana's $ and wanted to buy drugs. Outgoing calls on Tom Wilkes' cell phone. Calls Bigoms a "gifted liar"

Bigoms was last call Dana answered. Thereafter, 175 unanswered phone calls.

Williams: Points out circumstantial evidence. "When you start to pile these circumstances, it paints picture of who did this."

Williams: "There's no question" this wasn't premeditated killing. Evidence was disposed. Calls dismembering "cold-blooded."

Williams tells jury to give Dana justice "because she deserves it." Said she didn't deserve to be assaulted, murdered, dumped.

Back in court for #BigomsTrial. Closing arguments. Bigoms in blue plaid shirt & khakis. More members of Wilkes family here, too.