"There's really no way to make amends for death of any kind. but uh, its' still raw even after all these months."


Mike Westbrook, flanked by his brothers Allen and Jason, sit down and talk about the morning their 72-year-old father Ronald was gunned down outside a Chickamauga home.

A home where the Westbrooks' had formerly lived. Their family patriarch, shot and killed by Joe Hendrix, who says he thought the advancing Alzheimer's patient was a burglar.

It was later determined the confused senior had been wandering around the neighborhood for hours, in the near freezing temperatures that November morning    

"There's something he's called to do that God is trying to get his attention, let that sink in Joe ,"says Jason Westbrook emphatically.

The Westbrooks say there are too many inconsistencies in Hendrix's story to be considered credible.

They point to what the only other witness account, Hendrix's girlfriend, who later told Walker County detectives she was angry with Hendrix's decision to confront the senior, armed with a 40 caliber glock.

"I invite anyone to look at the case file, because some of the neighs might change their mind after the read because I was satisfied that morning after they said they went going to pursue it, that they had done all they can do, until I looked at the case file." says Jason.

A case file Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney Herbert "Buzz" Franklin reviewed and refused to pursue, much less, present to a grand jury to consider a possible indictment

The Westbrook's openly wonder if Hendrix's political connections may have played a part in the decision.

"Why would Scottie Mayfield's name come to the forefront all of a sudden? I heard that more than one time and I'm not around here," says Allen Westbrook, who currently lives in Illinois.

Ron Westbrook's sons hope District Attorney Franklin reconsiders presenting the case to a grand jury .

"I really don't expect him to but i really wish he would, but I don't think that's going to happen."


Our inquiiry for comment from Franklin's office has yet to be returned.