UPDATE: The family of triple murder victim Jon Morris is having a day of visitation and memorial on Saturday, April 19th, from  12 p.m. - 7 p.m. for anyone who wants to stop by their home on Kellys Ferry Place to say final goodbyes.

PREVIOUS STORY: We're learning more about the four victims who were gunned down outside of a Lookout Valley home Wednesday night. The lone survivor is helping investigators as they search for at least one more shooter.

All of four of the shooting victims live in that same neighborhood off Kellys Ferry Road. Some family members of the murder victims tell Channel 3 the men were just sitting around outside the mobile home talking, drinking beer, and working on a truck. It was still light out around seven o'clock Wednesday night when they were ambushed.

"We pray justice is served for taking such an innocent person and loving, kind hearted man like you," the sister of shooting victim, 24-year-old Jon Morris said.

She put her feelings down on paper still in disbelief that her baby brother was taken so suddenly.

"My dad came in there and told me that gun shots were being fired and it was Derek," she said.

Several witnesses report seeing 19-year-old murder suspect Derek Morse driving his car on their road moments before the sound of multiple gun shots. Jon's sister went running to see if he'd been hit, but first spotted the 16-year-old boy, the only survivor.

"Was laying in his doorway. I saw the bullet in his back and he was holding his neck," she said.

After making sure he'd called 911, she kept searching for her brother, but then she spotted 53-year old John Lang. He was shot to death in a chair outside of the mobile home he'd just moved there.

"We just met him the day he died and he was sitting up here talking about a grand daughter and family," she said.

Minutes later, she would realize her brother didn't make it either.

"That's when I saw his feet. I knew they were his feet because I bought him the shoe he was wearing," Jon's sister said.

When police arrived a short time later, they found the body of the third murder victim, 29-year-old Caleb Boozer, in the nearby woods.

"He didn't bother anybody. None of them did. Not to get what they got," she said.

The teen was the only one left to help investigators. According to the affidavit he reports there were at least two shooters. Detectives say they have "significant leads" on who may have helped suspect Derek Morse.

"Don't put them in jail; put them under it," she said.

The victims' families are anxious for justice to be served for their loss.

"Ya'll don't realize what you took away from a family."

She says her brother, nicknamed Bubba Jon, was always joking around, loved cars and rock music.

"He had a heart of gold and was too young to lose," she said, "but God only takes the best and who he wants in heaven. Rest in peace, Bubba Jon."

She says his many friends keep telling her how missed he already is.

"You didn't have nothing to eat and it was his last five dollars, he'd buy you something to eat with that five dollars. That's how Jon was," she said.

The victims' families say they're thankful the teen survived and is helping investigators as he recovers from multiple gun shot wounds. They say they are still very fearful of the suspects still on the loose.