Friday brought additional revelations in the first degree murder trail of Tony Bigoms. As Bigoms' examination continued through the day Thursday, details of the killing were graphic and clinical.

Bigoms was charged in the grisly death and mutilation of Dana Wilkes in 2012. She was first reported as missing around November 10, 2012. Wilkes' decapitated and mutilated body was found near a waterway in Chattanooga.

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NOTE: Some testimony from today's hearing is graphic and may not be suitable for all readers.

Decomposition can actually produce alcohol in a person's body, Metcalfe says. Typically same amount of Dana's.

Official cause of death unknown. Tox report: positive for methadone (non-toxic amount) and BAC .057

Dr. James Metcalfe on the stand. Hamilton Co. Chief Medical Examiner. #bigomstrial Performed detailed autopsy.

Dixon has a current cocaine charge. When asked if he ever sold anything to Dana. "No, she didn't do drugs."

Pope questions Dixon about telling Bigoms that Dana's body had a slight pulse. He adamantly said no.

Patrick Dixon on the stand. Was dating Dana's friend at the time. Also knew Bigoms. Talked to him, said they went to Walmart.

Tiara Vickerson, coworker/friends of Dana, on the stand. Dana called her "her daughter."

Coleman says she was never sexually involved with Bigoms, but one time he asked her if she wanted to have sex for money.

Coleman said Dana would have no reason to sell pills because she had a job. (Bigoms told police that's what she did)Coleman spoke to Bigoms several times after Dana reported missing. Was "flipped out" she was missing bc so unlike her.

Coleman said Bigoms would always help Dana when Tom would go to jail, which was "all the time."

Coleman also knew Bigoms for several years. Lived w the Wilkes for a few months. Said Bigoms was over there on a regular basis.

Stephanie Coleman on the stand. Dana's best friend. Knew her husband, Tom Wilkes, for couple yrs before.

30 ft from body, bra found. (Bigoms' DNA found on it)

CPD patrol officer on the stand. Got call to Youngstown Rd, where body was found. 1st Ofc on the scene.

Defense emphasizes no blood evidence found in Bigoms' car.

Bigoms' car, green Kia, was processed. Investigator noted it had been recently cleaned. No fingerprints were able to be lifted.

Police cut fabric off mattress in spare bedroom because they saw suspicious stains. Also took grey jacket.

11/20 - Search warrant executed at home on Maude St. in Chattanooga, home Bigoms frequented, family. Going thru photos.

Evidence: pink purse with methadone pill bottles.

Photos: Dana's home - pill bottles scattered on floor around the nightstand. Other bags, drawers appeared rummaged through.

No signs of forced entry into Dana's home on Palo Verde Dr. Door was locked when investigators arrived.


Blood seen spattered on passenger side windshield, dashboard, glove box, back seat, rear passenger floorboard & door.

CPD investigator William Salyers on the stand. Going through pics of Dana's Jeep. Blood on steering wheel, pass. seat

#BigomsTrial set to begin here in a few mins. Late start today due to daily court docket matters first.