A local mother who lost her son to a drunk driver is teaming up with an unlikely partner to help tell her story: the woman who killed her son, Kevin Yates.

Tiki Finlayson started an organization in her son's memory called "1N3." The idea is that one in every three of us is one day, in one way impacted by drunk driving.

Her son was killed by Tish Stephens July 31, 2011 in a drunk driving crash.

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The pair shared the stage Wednesday to share their warning of drinking and driving with Hixson High Schoolers. Finlayson said it's timely with the school's prom set for this weekend and also because Wednesday, April 2 marks Kevin's birthday. He would be turning 28.

"With us together, hopefully our message will be stronger and letting them know the consequences," said Tish Stephens. "It's very difficult but the positive outcome of every event so far has been well worth it."

In November, Stephens finished serving 19 months in prison. That's where the two began writing letters and formed this unpredictable bond these two mothers know as "IN3."

"It's kinda like an out-of-body experience for both of us and we're able to tell the story without a lot of emotions coming," Tiki Finlayson said.

The pair speaks to students and other organizations across the country free of charge.

The group asks that anyone impacted by drunk driving reach out to them to become a part of their organization, which includes speaking engagements across the country.