Police are on the lookout for vandals, who are driving through one Dalton neighborhood and shooting out car windows with a BB or pellet gun.

More than a dozen cars have been vandalized on the same street. Property damage victims hope someone can offer a lead that helps police put a stop to it.  

The vandals always strike on the weekends, at night and on Underwood Street. Dalton Police suspect one person is driving while another shoots a BB or pellet gun out the passenger side window. They first hit the weekend of March 7 - 8th, then again last weekend. It's costing the low-income residents hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket repairs.

"I'm just upset about it. Cry and cry and you can't do nothing about it and the law can't find them," property damage victim Deborah Kane said.

Shattered windows and dented cars line Underwood Street in Dalton. Frustrations mount among residents vandals hit some of them multiple times. Police count at least 15 cases there in the last month, where someone drove by, shooting BB's or pellets into cars parked along the street.  

"No go to sleep in peace because maybe in the night all the time, maybe the window will break," Veronica Rodriguez said.

They hit Veronica Rodriguez's car three times, but last weekend, the shots also reached her 10-year-old daughter's bedroom window.

"She said mom look it's in my window," Rodriguez said.

Most of the property damage victims live in low-income housing and this crime is costing them money they simply don't have. In some cases it's hundreds of dollars.

"Don't have money for the window, money for the rent," Rodriguez said.

"I ain't got the money to get this one fixed right now," Johnathan Hill said.

They hope someone watching Channel 3 will call in a tip that leads to the culprit.

"Hope they get caught and do some time or pay these people back that are having to spend money out of their pocket," Hill said.

Dalton Police say they will pile on every charge they can.

"Whoever is doing this, this is not something that this town takes lightly. It's not something that's cute or a prank and we're going to put a stop to it," Dalton Police Spokesperson Bruce Frazier said.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office has also worked a few similar cases further down Underwood Avenue near the bypass.

If caught, the shooter could face charges of vandalism, damage to property and firing a weapon within city limits.