Volkswagen workers have voted against allowing UAW to represent them at Volkswagen.

Over the last 3 days, workers at the Chattanooga facility have voted, ultimately deciding to reject representation from the United Auto Workers by a 712 - 626 vote.

What's next for the plant and their workers going forward, now that they will 'not' be represented by the labor board?

Business editor Dave Flessner, with our partners at the Times Free Press, says this is a big blow to the UAW who has 'not' been successful in unionizing a foreign auto maker in the south in 30 years.

Chattanooga is the stand out of 61 other VW plants that is not represented by the UAW.  Flessner says this outcome doesn't look good for the UAW or their future.

"The UAW had some really favorable conditions here that may not reciprocate elsewhere, so if they couldn't win here, you'd be hard pressed to find somewhere they would if not here at Volkswagen."