On January 31, 2014 East Ridge Police charged 23-year-old Summer Burkhart), 43-year-old Clara Binkley and  42-year-old Terry Butts with one count each of Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Kidnapping.

The victim advised police that he had been approached by Burkhart at about 2:30 a.m. on Belvoir Avenue at which time she requested a ride to Waverly Motel in East Ridge.

The victim provided Burkhart transportation to Waverly Motel. Once they arrived he was forced into a motel room at knife point by the three defendants.

The defendants demanded money from the victim. After the victim gave them all the cash he had on his person, he and the three defendants traveled in two vehicles to an ATM machine so that he could withdraw additional cash.

Burkhart traveled to the ATM with the victim in his vehicle. Once the victim gave the additional cash to the defendants, they all left in their own vehicle.

The victim then contacted police to report the incident. The defendants were later located and interviewed by police. They are scheduled to appear in East Ridge City Court on February 11, 2014.