What will President Obama say today in Nashville?

Just a few days after his State of the Union Address, where he addressed an increase in the minimum wage and extension of long-term unemployment insurance, Obama is highlight education reform and talk jobs, and outline his plans for helping the unemployed.

The school may also play a role in the visit, which comes after a 15-year-old McGavock student was shot and killed at a Hermitage apartment. The person charged with shooting Kevin Barbee was his friend and classmate, 17-year-old Kaemon Robinson.

There was concern from the White House that it would be inappropriate to visit on the heels of a tragedy.

The McGavock principal says the White House even asked the school if they should cancel the president's visit out of respect for Kevin Barbee.

Channel 3 Anchor Greg Glover is in Nashville, where Obama will speak at at McGavock High School, one of the biggest high schools in Middle Tennessee.

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