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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) - A blended family of Murfreesboro millionaires joined Bravo TV's reality lineup in November and recently ended its first season averaging 2 million viewers per episode.

The show, "Thicker than Water," tells the story of Ben Tankard, a renowned, multi-platinum-album-selling Christian Jazz artist and minister, and his large, multi-generational clan - self-dubbed as the "black Brady Brunch."

Six of the family members live together in a lavish mansion, the Tankard Palace, which, according to the father, serves as the backdrop of the family's quarrels and adventures.

In addition to patriarch Ben, a former professional basketball player, the family's cast of characters includes his wife Jewel, a businesswoman, author and evangelist; daughters Brooklyn, Britney and Cyrene, son Benji and his bride, Shanira, and Brooklyn's daughter, Diamond.

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