Hundreds of people are filling the Chattanooga Choo Choo this weekend for the 39th Annual Chattacon Convention; which means they'll be spending their hard earned cash right here in downtown Chattanooga.

"There are a lot of different places in the downtown areas, obviously people are going to different restaurants and checking out different shops and what not," said KC Charland, Chattacon Media Relations.

Charland says they project over $450,000will be pouring back into the local economy.

Chazlyn Skipper is a manager for the Choo Choo, she says the large amount of people staying in the hotel for the convention is helping them out during their slow season.

"It keeps us up and going and busy," said Skipper.

But she says it's only one of many events this season.

"Last weekend we had the cheerleader group come in and it was a matter of 300 rooms in two days," said Skipper. "The conventions are what keep us going, the winter is one of the slow months."

We even popped in over at The Terminal, a restaurant just feet from the Choo Choo. They were too busy with customers to go on camera, but did tell us January is typically the slow month for most restaurants, but not this year. They say the recent burst of customers two weekends in a row are keeping them on the up and up.

Charland says many who are here this weekend, will be back for more.

"There are a lot of people that say they've come here for Chattacon and they come back during the summer because they realize that Chattanooga is a fun place to come visit," said Charland.