A family of five is only a few months away from sleeping in their new home they helped build through the Habitat for Humanity program.

The 3 bedroom and 1,200 square foot home on East 14th Street in Chattanooga symbolizes new beginnings for Kual Ayai and his family.

The former Nigerian refugee is originally from Sudan. He says, " I would be willing to work as many hours as it takes to provide warm meals on the table and a safe haven for my daughters and wife."

After working all night long, the father of 5 spends only one hour with his family before heading out again.  He works a full time job in the middle of the night and volunteers during the day.

Habitat for Humanity requires all participants in their program to volunteer what they consider "350 sweat equity hours" before they can purchase a Habitat home.

Kual Ayai's home should be built by the end of April 2014.