After 3 days on trial Aaron Lawson learned his fate.

"First and foremost I'm glad that justice was served for this family."

The defense claimed Lawson was acting out of self defense. Lawson claimed Debbie Phillips fired the first shot while he, Eddie Phillips and an unknown man were fighting in the yard.

"I pretty much had the same thoughts that the jury did.  I certainly did not accept that or believe it to be true.  And the physical evidence did not support that."
"A lot of people heard neighbors come in and talk about what good people these were.  It was a senseless crime of violence."

Lawson was charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of unlawful possession of a weapon. Now Lawson is set to serve life in prison.

"I'm glad justice was done here and hopefully the family can start the healing process."

Family members of Eddie and Debbie Phillips did not want to go on camera.  However, they did tell me, while justice was served there were no winners.