UPDATE: A Hamilton County jury returns guilty verdicts for the 2 men accused of gunning down a Chattanooga man in a 2011 deadly home invasion, sending the two convicted men and some in the courtroom gallery into expletive filled tirades.

Both Emmett Jones and Roderick Bates reacted to the jury's decision with profane outbursts.

Some trial observers also voiced their displeasure with the decision, requiring one bailiff to draw his taser weapon on one man who also cursed the guilty verdicts.

After order was restored some 20 minutes later, Judge Barry Steelman sentenced both defendants to life in prison terms.

That prompted Roderick Bates to yell another profane message to jurors as he exited the court.

Prosecutor Lance Pope credited the work of Chattanooga Police detectives for helping garner convictions.

Defense attorney Clancy Covert declined to discuss the case with media.

EARLIER STORY: The fate of two Hamilton County men is in the hands of the jury.

Both Roderick Bates and Emmett Jones face first degree murder charges in the October 7th, 2011 fatal shooting of Reginald Clark. Prosecutors say Clark was shot to death at his Greenwood Avenue home following an earlier argument with Bates at a local nightclub.

Security at the Hamilton County Courthouse is beefed up for the trial, after alleged death threats targeting key witnesses have come to light.

Wednesday afternoon, Prosecutor Lance Pope rested his case after the testimony of Investigator Adam Emery of the Chattanooga Police Department, the lead detective in the case.

Lee Ortwein, the attorney representing Emmett Jones, questioned Emery's investigative tactics of overstating the amount of evidence in the days after the fatal shooting. Emery conceded the evidence gathered had not been sent to the crime lab when he interrogated Jones about the slaying.

Presiding Judge Barry Steelman denied a defense motion requesting acquittal for both defendants, and late Wednesday excused the jury for the evening.