The Walker County Commissioner, Bebe Heiskell and Sheriff Steve Wilson honored three deputies for risking their own lives to save a mother and her two sons from their burning home.

Nicole Kenney says she was awakened by a loud bang late on October 24th thinking it was an intruder.

She gathered her two children and went to hide.

Not too long after, she discovered her home wasn't being burglarized, it was on fire.

She says the minutes after calling 9-1-1 were crucial and she and her family are forever grateful.

"My house is on fire and I'm trapped with my two kids."

As those words were heard on the other end, dispatchers acted quickly, sending fire fighters and deputies to the home.

"Deputy Simpson and I were the first two there, we made entry into the house, but we couldn't get in too far because of the smoke," said Deputy Shawn Carter.

With the fire department several minutes behind, deputies Shawn Carter, Zach Simpson and Joshua Mathis acted quickly to try to save the three people trapped inside.

"At that point I thought, I've got a wife and two kids myself," said Carter. "I didn't think of myself, it was just getting them out of the house."

Putting their own lives in danger, they stood on the porch of the burning home, convincing the family to exit onto the roof.

"At that point we lowered my youngest son to the ground, and then the older one, then they told me to jump," said Nicole Kenney. "I actually didn't know how bad it was until we got to the roof."

"We had so many people that helped us that night; from the police to the dispatchers to the firemen, it was just an awesome feeling to know that there were so many people watching over us," said Kenney.

Each one was recognized for a job well done.

"Today we're giving credit to all three organizations, the three deputies, the three dispatchers and the fire department. I salute all of them, all of them did a wonderful job that night," said Sheriff Steve Wilson.

Many went above and beyond the call of duty.

"Their job description as a deputy sheriff doesn't say they have to go into a burning home or rescue people from burning homes, they knew the fire department was a few minutes behind them and they were in the right place at the right time," said Sheriff Wilson.

And now, several months later, all the Kenney family feels is gratitude.

"Yes we are very, very thankful-- they saved our lives," said Kenney.

They tell us during the fire no one was injured.