Murray County Environmental Health officials say that a stray cat with rabies bit and scratched two people in Chatsworth, GA on December 24.

One victim took the cat to Murray County Animal Control.

Jason Osgatharp, environmental health county manager, had the cat tested because of its abnormal behavior.

The cat tested positive for rabies by the Georgia Public Health Laboratory, according to a news release from the North Georgia Health District.

According to the victims, the cat would "show up" at their home about once a month.

The rabid cat, described as black with a white chin, weighed about ten pounds, and appeared otherwise healthy.

The persons who were bitten will start post-rabies exposure treatment today or tomorrow.

Five other cats at the residence, all of which are unvaccinated, will be euthanized.

Those living in or near the 5700 block of Old Federal Road South should report any bites or scratches from stray cats which occurred within the past month, especially if the stray fits this description. Call the Murray County Environmental Health Office at 706-695-0266, extension 8.

For more information about rabies and its prevention, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.