Jennifer Palmer spent Monday at Erlanger Children's Hospital after a surprise knock at her door early in the morning.

"Police and DFCS lady came to my door, my case worker. She told me she had something bad to tell me about my daughter," Palmer explains. That's how she learned her daughter, Saharah, was severely injured.

It's been a rough year for Palmer and her children. Last February Palmer's then-boyfriend was charged with kidnapping their two kids, 6-year-old Elijah and Saharah who was 1-year-old at the time.

Ellis Weatherspoon was also charged with trying to burn down a camper with the children inside and stabbing Palmer 14 times.

The state put the children in foster care in Ringgold. Palmer claims she saw bruises on her children when she visited and tried to tell her case worker.

"I told her, there's something going on in that house, they're doing something to my baby," Palmer says.

Saharah, now 2-years-old, is fighting for her life in a hospital bed with apparent bruises on her arm. Her outlook doesn't look good, according to Palmer.

"If there's any chance she can make it she's going to be a vegetable. She'll never be able to walk or talk, she won't know who I am, her brother," says Palmer.
Channel 3 spoke to Palmer's case worker who had "no comment." We reached out to the spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Human Services who says by law they cannot confirm or deny any involvement in any investigation unless it involves the death of a child.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk says his department is aware of the incident and is following up on the child's injuries.

"Her face is swollen, she's bruised up on both cheeks, on her forehead she's got new bruises. Her arm has bruises, her back has bruises," explains Palmer. "I knew something is going on there, my heart tells me something is going on there. I'm just hoping they're strong enough to tell the truth."

Palmer's 6-year-old son was also examined and went through a forensic interview Monday afternoon. Meanwhile Palmer says she's looking for legal council.

Sheriff Sisk says the investigation is extremely early and they're trying to get all the facts laid out.