Dalton police are asking for the public's help in catching vandals who hit the Salvation Army Store Thursday night.

Just a mile from the police station, Dalton police found the building vandalized shortly after 10 p.m.

Parts of the store and delivery truck were spray painted and one window was broken.

Corps Officer Major Art Fultz called the vandalism at this Salvation Army Store "hateful and demoralizing.

"Just positively horrific. Just stunned and shocked actually," said Major Art Fultz. "Just the demoralizing and hateful act that this was is a concern for us."

The front windows of the store were spray painted with messages in red reading: "WE WILL BREAK EVERY F***ING WALL THAT DIVIDES US FOR WE ARE ONE" ... "LOVE ALL, FEAR NONE" ... "ANONYMOUS."

"I get the idea that these are individuals wanting to make some type of statement," Fultz said.

Volunteers spent Friday morning chiseling away the paint and scrubbing down the windows.

"There is a good amount of damage to the building, I haven't seen a dollar amount yet but I would say it's significant," said Bruce Fraizer of the Dalton Police Dept. "No matter what this is gonna end up costing them money to repair the building and I'm sure that's money they'd rather use to help families this time of year."

With 12 days until Christmas, it's the Salvation Army's busiest time of year and Fultz said they're moving on.

"It's too bad if the perpetrators thought this would paralyze us but the army's gonna march on," he said.

The Salvation Army has insurance on the building. If you have any information about Thursday's vandalism, call Dalton Police.