Lydia, "I like to ride my bike."

Lydia is a fun loving, enthusiastic  girl who  enjoys, well,  lots of things. 

"Well actually I like doing some music.  I like playing the drums,  sometimes maracas I do know how to play the flute and guitar.

"Maybe make stuff out of clay.  I have a whole book of drawings."

She also likes animals, cats and dogs.

"Have you ever heard Dogs are good in therapy.  Yeah. It's because they help you calm down.   I don't know how."

Lydia is really smart and does well in school, especially science.

"I usually get in the 90's"

Those who know Lydia best say she is sweet and caring.  And that she loves to be the center of attention.  It's a way, no doubt to feel loved, and that's what she wants in a forever family.  

"What I really want is someone that really really cares"

"And then also someone that's really like. Really funny.  Cause I tell a lot of jokes. I play around a lot." 

For more information on Lydia use ID: TN010734