Chattanooga is still putting band-aids on the old and heavily traveled Wilcox Tunnel.  Maintenance crews spent over 4 hours cleaning and patching it Friday afternoon. They cleared the leaves, unclogged drains and added new gaskets to help with water flow.

Mayor Andy Berke's office released data taken during a door-to-door survey taken in mid-September. They canvassed 20 neighborhoods asking community members what their top concerns were when driving through the Wilcox Blvd Tunnel.  Over 90 % said, they felt something should be done to fix the water flow and water that freezes during the winter. 

The 1931 year old structure is paid a visit every two months by Public Works to receive some form of maintenance.  They will be sent out again in a few weeks to see if the new gaskets are working properly to keep the water level inside the tunnel down.