The People for Care and Learning is a non-profit group aimed at providing help to countries in Asia.

This year they hope to raise money for two orphanages they support in Cambodia, by selling 600 Christmas trees.

Buy a tree; change a life says it all.

"People can buy a product, that's great. But also use their money to support something too," said Jake Stum, Assistant Director for People for Care and Learning.

They have 600 trees up for grabs on Raider Drive in Cleveland, but the money they make from the trees won't be going into their pockets, but rather to help over 50 kids in Cambodia.

"Without our involvement we don't know where they would be, but with our involvement they're happy they have family and they're getting their education," said Stum.

100 percent of the proceeds go towards a $100,000 goal. They tell Channel 3 that's enough money to cover the cost of two orphanages for an entire year.

"It would fund both orphanages, the staff, the children, their education, their food, clothing, everything. It would cover everything," said Stum.

So far they've sold 100 trees in just 3 days. But there are still plenty to go around.

"So if we sell at this pace every day, we'll sell out by Dec. 12. But we're hoping to sell out sooner," said Stum. "We've already, paid back the tree costs, everything from this point out is profit."

Dawn Glenn tells Channel 3 buying a tree and giving back sets a great example.

"I think it's really important especially with young youth learning how to give back to the community and helping people in need," said Glenn.

She says she's happy to give back.

"I'm buying a tree so why not help someone by doing it? And I get the benefit and someone else gets the benefit and in the end two people are happy," said Glenn.

"There are plenty of other places where you can buy a tree, but I don't know of any with a meaning like this," said Stum.

We found out there are 3,000 trees total that were bought and sent to 5 different locations in the south.

The Cleveland location will be open through December 12th from 11 to 7 every day.

The non-profit hopes to make this an annual event.