Attention Dads:  

Today's adoptable child is a teen about to embark on some tough years, but 13-year-old Tim knows what he needs.
His biggest request is for a strong male role model. 

"I like being outdoors. I love the woods.  I like the city.  I don't really care where I am as long as I'm being treated well."

Tim thrives on being outdoors, loves to explore nature, have intellectually stimulating conversations, which explains why he enjoys school.  

"I like PE related arts and such, but love science, that's my fav subject."

Tim is a likeable young man and he's already thought a lot about his future.  Being in the military is his choice and here's his explanation  

"Just always been doing the right thing that's my goal to do the right thing whenever I  get older I just want to do the right thing and help out with everyday life."

Tim's faced tough times he's been in foster care since the age of five, but he keeps his head up and tries hard.

"After you've been through so much, some people can't handle it.  Some people have the will to do it."

Tim told me several times he wants to be adopted and just spend time with his forever family.  

"Go out to eat.  Stay at home sometimes. Just go places.  They're caring, they treat you like you were their own kid." "Because you would be."  "Yeah."

ID Information: Tim-TN010604