(NBC News) The busiest travel days of the year are rapidly approaching, as millions of people hit the roads, rails and airport for Thanksgiving.

More than 43 million people plan to travel to the Thanksgiving table this year.

That's actually a slight decrease from last year.

But nasty weather means airports and roads will be as crowded as ever.

Before the crush of holiday travelers has even left home, a wallop of winter weather is causing flight delays and cancellations stranding passengers and making for dangerous driving conditions.

"The weather just isn't going to clear out until we get into Thursday and unfortunately that's after all the major travel has occurred," said Kyla Grogan of The Weather Channel.

It will undoubtedly affect the millions of people traveling this holiday to celebrate with loved ones

"Family is what it's all about," said traveler Mimi Mahasfey.

Wednesday and Sunday are predicted to be the two busiest travel days of the season with Los Angeles International and Chicago O'hare among the nation's busiest airports.

Officials recommend arriving two hours early for domestic flights and three hours for international.

"Do everything you can before you leave home, printing out your boarding pass or sending it to your mobile device," said Orbitz.com travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore.

The nearly 39 million people who will be driving to their destinations are in for a pleasant surprise at the pump.

Gas prices are the cheapest they've been since thanksgiving 2010.

"It wasn't too much to fill up this time comparatively. Makes the trip a little cheaper," traveler Bet Lapointe said.

It's certainly a silver lining during a hectic and wintery holiday journey.

Even if you're traveling to an area with good weather experts say it's key to check and double check your flight status as the storms are creating a ripple effect of delays and cancellations.