Some people wonder how they could possibly make a difference in the world.
You may not realize what a difference you could make by  simply opening up your home to a child.  Today's adoptable child is 15-year-old Chelsea, who will flourish in a loving family.

Chelsea is a pleasant, well-mannered young lady who is a little shy, at first.  But activities help her open up, and she enjoys school and church.  She knows what she'd like in a forever family.

"A mom and a dad, or just a mom, brothers and sisters,  animals.  Definitely animals."  

But she also knows what's most important:

"As long as they're a kind family. That will enjoy me being there as their daughter."

Chelsea's compassion for animals may lead her to be a veterinarian, but she also like the idea of helping other children like she's been helped.

"A DCS worker, help people that helped me cause I want to do the same thing they done"

There are dozens of children, like Chelsea, who need the love and stability of a forever family.

ID information: Chelsea TN010500