A local firefighter is going the extra mile to help raise money for children with cancer. Not many know the level of motivation that is driving Jason Greer who has watched his son fight for his life for four years.

Now he's in a fight to raise money to help combat childhood cancer. To do that he'll have to finish the Chattanooga Ironman in 2014.

Jason Greer has finished a few half marathons in his day so obviously the next step would be finishing an Ironman.


"What's the big deal a few miles more, no problem," said Jason.

Kidding aside we're talking about 127.5 extra miles on bike, foot and by water.

Greer said, "I'm not an elite athlete by far. I have an immense way to go."

 He's two months of training he's dropped 30 pounds and plans to drop an additional 100 pounds in the next 11 months leading up to the Chattanooga Ironman.

His motivation goes beyond self satisfaction. Jason's son Tristin has been battling brain cancer for four years.

Greer said, "the strength and motivation from what he's been through. It's so inspiring for me. He means everything."

He'll push his body to the limit to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation and Emily's Power for a Cure, a local group that raises money for Tristin's type of rare brain cancer.

"it just takes the shear will, determination and strength to do something like this. That's what these kids fighting these battles face each day. That's my motivation to keep going and do this," said Greer.

Again it's not just for Tristin it's the children they've met fighting the same battles in hope that tomorrow's world is one that Jason can already see.

A perfect world in Jason's eyes?

"It definitely wouldn't involve childhood cancer I can promise you that," said Greer.

The path to that world for Jason starts with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on a bike and 26.2 miles on foot. Hard yes. But as Jason pointed out time and time again, it doesn't compare to what Tristin has been through.

"He's a rock star. I'm so proud to be his father," said Jason.

The Ironman comes to Chattanooga in September of 2014. We'll check in with Jason's progress throughout the next few months.