A student at Blue Ridge School in Dalton spotted a fellow student with a toy pistol Thursday and reported it to a teacher, resulting in a precautionary and immediate lockdown of the elementary school.

School administrators, a School Resource Officer and officers from the Dalton Police Department launched an investigation to identify the student and determine the possible threat.

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The upper elementary school student admitted to school officials that the toy gun was brought to school to show other students.

Officials later determined that the student had no malicious intent to threaten or frighten students or staff.

"The safety and security of our students is our highest priority. I appreciate the manner in which one of our students reported the presence of the toy gun to his teacher and how other students helped us resolve this situation as quickly as possible," said Dr. Alan Martineaux, assistant principal at Blue Ridge.  "The students' awareness and accurate description of the student and the toy gun allowed us to identify the student with little disruption to school."

The student will face appropriate disciplinary consequences as determined by the school under the district's Code of Conduct.