UPDATE: Prisoners from Marion County were pressed into service to help clean up the graffiti at Marion County High School after vandals struck the school, painting obscenities on the school's fieldhouse.

EARLIER STORY: Another rivalry turns bad as vandals struck the fieldhouse at Marion County High School, spray-painting orange graffiti.

Much of the language is too coarse to use in this story, but it marks the second time in recent weeks that a high school rivalry took an ugly turn. Tonight's game between South Pittsburg and Marion County is one of Tennessee's oldest rivalries.

Marion County school superintendent Mark Griffith said it was "sad that somebody would take a rivalry too far like this."

He says if the vandals are found, they will be prosecuted.

South Pittsburg principal Danny Wilson said he found the actions to be "disturbing and disappointing."

South Pittsburg is top-ranked Class 1a and Marion County is Class 2A's third-ranked team.

The rivalry is also Channel 3's Eyewitness Sports Game of the Week.