MILWAUKEE (WTMJ) - A 40-year-old man will earn the dubious distinction as Milwaukee County, Wisconsin's 1,000th repeat offender busted since tougher DUI laws went into effect in 2010.

The incident started when a deputy noticed the driver going the wrong way.

The deputy tried to pull the man over, but he wouldn't stop. The driver got on I-94 heading east and took off.

The driver got off the freeway and back on it several times. He got on southbound 41. When he hit the stadium interchange, he actually hit it. The man smashed into a barrier.

The deputy's dashboard camera was rolling when the driver hit a barrier, went airborne, and then slammed into the police cruiser.

Both the deputy and the man were hurt. But both are expected to recover.

This will be a 3rd offense for the suspected drunk driver.

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