The three suspects involved in the October 23rd bank robbery at First Tennessee appeared in Federal Court Monday for a preliminary hearing.

David Cross, Annamarie Holt and Daphne Rodriguez were all appointed attorneys for Monday's preliminary hearing.  Cross, Holt and Rodriguez are all facing a charge of armed robbery.

Holt's attorney, Leslie Cory questioned Holt's involvement with the robbery, however the judge determined probable cause for all three defendants.

Aside from armed robbery, David Cross is also facing a charge of discharging a firearm. Which the courts say is a 10-year minimum behind bars if convicted.

FBI agent, Jeff Nicks took the stand Monday afternoon.  He said the three defendants got away with an undisclosed amount of money and then went on a spending spree paying money down on furniture and a car.  Nicks said only a portion of the money has been recovered at this time.

Holt and Rodriguez both waved their detention hearings for now, Cross proceeded with his.  The judge ruled he was a danger to the community and ordered him to be detained without bail.

Cross, Holt and Rodriguez will appear in court for their arraignment on December 3rd at 10:00a.m. pending Holt and Rodriguez's detention hearings.

We're told the victim from the shooting has been released from the hospital. 

He was shot in the back and arm.