CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A small group of local anglers decided to buy kayaks and start a small kayak fishing club called the Chattanooga Bass Yakkers. After the club held their first event, they saw a lot of interest from other anglers and the need to start the first kayak tournament fishing trail here in Chattanooga.

Corey Stansifer from Chattanooga, TN was one of the anglers who was instrumental in organizing and getting  the kayak fishing club started. Corey said "We are having a blast fishing tournaments from kayaks and we are looking forward to seeing our club and tournament format grow in the future."  The club is open to anyone that fishes from a self-propelled watercraft including kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, or any other non-powered vessel.

Kayak bass fishing is one of the newest trends in the fishing industry today. Mainly in the past it has been considered a saltwater sport, but anglers have discovered the advantages to fishing from a kayak in fresh water.  The Chattanooga Bass Yakkers hope to garner the attention of local and national sponsors to help with tournament prizes and club promotions.

If you think you might like to try some of this low cost, super fun bass angling contact Corey Stansifer at 423-385-5703 or at  or visit for more info.

Chattanooga Bass Yakkers 2014 Schedule:
March 1st - Chickamauga (Savannah Creek)
March 22nd - Hiwassee (Agency Creek)
April 12th - Chickamauga (Chesterfrost)
April 26th - Chickamauga (Bear Trace)
May 17th - Chickamauga (Soddy Creek)
May 31st - Hiwassee (Agency Creek)
June 7th - Guntersville (Stevenson Park)
July 12th - Hiwassee (Armstrong Ferry)...
July 26th - Chickamauga (Ware Branch)
August 2nd - Chickamauga (Possum Creek)
September 6th - Chickamauga (Bear Trace)
September 20th - Chickamauga (Soddy Creek)
October 4th/5th - Classic (TBA)