A Tennessee State Trooper has been terminated from the department.

It was announced Monday that Trooper Tommie Boleyn from the Lawrenceburg district was fired after an internal investigation into allegations that he violated THP policies and procedures during an on-duty incident, August 31 in Shelbyville.

The investigation showed that during a DUI stop in Shelbyville, Boleyn did not follow procedure, did not identify himself as a Tennessee State Trooper and engaged in two physical altercations with the suspect, although the suspect was not physically aggressive. The suspect was charged with DUI, and a criminal case is pending.

A memorandum of disciplinary action was delivered to Boleyn Monday that states gross misconduct; conduct unbecoming of an employee in state service; and brutality in the performance of duties as reasons for the dismissal.

The department has referred this matter to the district attorney as possible criminal behavior. Boleyn has been disciplined before for unprofessional conduct and excessive force.  Per state law, Boleyn's termination is effective October 31.