Foster parents of older children can have a huge impact on those in their care. Fourteen-year-old Chelsey has a great attitude about life, in spite of the difficulties she has faced.  She likes to be active, jogging, dancing and just enjoying the outdoors.  She also has a creative side, drawing and coloring.

She will be a loving and caring addition to a Forever Family.  She knows she can be a good example for siblings because of the guidance and influence of her current foster family.  Chelsey says, "They taught me so much about how to be good and be a positive kid and not act bad. I've learned so much that I've gotten to be the positive kid that I am now."

Chelsey has been around other kids who are in foster care and she tries to help them be positive, too.  She says, "I just talk try to encourage them by saying come on kids try to be good. Do good in school  Try to find something you can do that would keep your attitude up."

(Chelsey  TN010566)