RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Frazier Elementary School is one of the older school buildings in Rhea County.

After recent national school tragedies, school officials want to make sure Frazier Elementary is prepared for the worst.

"I know as far as the county goes, safety is first and foremost."

Frazier Elementary School Principal Dwayne Price has been on the job three months and says big security changes are on the way.

The front entrance to the school is wide open with access to the offices, lunchrooms, and hallways.

He says staff members are the school's first line of defense.

"We have a staff that is trained to observe people that come in and out of this building. Like all schools, we have disaster training drills."

Right now, the school is in talks with the county to add several security features. They include a wall barring off access to the school from the front door and a security system that would require the main office to buzz visitors in.

After several national school shooting tragedies, Price wants to be on the front line of safety.

"Any time you have a even that happens on national news it always has us reevaluating and being up to speed on things and how they should be."

According to a disaster preparedness study by Save The Children, Tennessee is one of 28 states that meets strict government requirements on K-12 children's safety.

The school board voted last week to upgrade measures at the school that could costs thousands.

Everything is in the blueprint stage now.

School leaders will meet with architects to see what are their options, and what's the best design for this school.