Tennessee Temple University announced today they are looking into a partnership that will possibly expand their campus and move them to another location.

Tennessee Temple University is currently in the discussion phase with Woodland Park Baptist Church to look into a potential development of a new campus on a portion of the church's site in hopes to prepare for growth.

"In our current location we have very limited space with only 21 acres," said Dr. Steven Echols, TTU President.

It's a growing campus, one that Brittany Smith says needs more space.

"At this school you're like packed into one spot, you don't have enough room to walk around," said Smith.

"We have grown about 47 percent in residential enrollment over the last two years," said Echols.

And now they're looking to expand.

"It's not just for classroom space, it's all the amenities that come with it like green space and athletic fields," said Echols.

That's when a discussion with Woodland Park Baptist Church began as possibilities were thrown on the table for the University to move onto the church's campus and begin a partnership.

"We are very excited about the possibility. We feel like it is something that god has opened a potential door for us," said Echols.

Senior Pastor of WPBC, Dr. Wayne Barber says the possible partnership just makes sense.

"We have 170 acres out here and it would be a lifetime to see what God would want to do with it," said Barber.

Doctor Echols says patience is key in this situation, as details are discussed.

"We want to be diligent about it and take it one step at a time. Being very respectful of the process that woodland park has to go through as the congregations considers this as well as on our part, what the nature of opportunities are going to be as doors open," said Echols.

Next step is to prepare a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions.

As of now, no dollar amount has been put on the potential project.

Doctor Echols also said he was unsure what would happen to the current campus, saying it is too early to determine at this time.