One man is dead after being thrown from a car in Murray County, Ga. Thursday night.

The Georgia State Patrol told Channel 3 Irvin Cochran, 52, from Chatsworth was killed at a private residence off Hyden Taylor Road.

The GSP said Cochran was a passenger in a 2001 Ford Explorer traveling in a field when it made an abrupt left turn.

Cochran was thrown from the car and pinned beneath the overturned Ford. He died at the scene.

Three other people were in the car at the time of the accident.

"The vehicle was on the passenger side door right here where the orange markers are," said Chris Silvers.

Chris Silvers, 26, revisited the field Friday morning where his older cousin died the night before.

"It [the car] was laying on its top and Irvin ended up right about here," he said. "Must've just hit this dip right here is the only thing I can tell."

About a mile from the field is the road where Irvin lived, the road where most his family lives, and the road where Chris was when he heard the sirens from ambulances and fire trucks Thursday night. The family calls that area of Chatsworth "Cochranville."

Chris followed the sirens to the field.

"He was family I was trying to do what I could for him," Chris said. "First paramedic tried CPR and everything and I was holding Irvin's head and patting him on his face telling him to wake up. He took a breathe and just turned purple"

Chris isn't sure what exactly happened in the field but he knows how he'll remember his cousin.

"Always had a smile on his face. He was outgoing. had a wonderful personality. Would do anything he could to help anybody," he said. "I just hope he made peace with God and didn't feel nothin when it happened, you know?"

The GSP is investigating and charges will be pending the completion of their investigation.

Cochran was not wearing a seat belt.