J. Hunt Cooper says his family is still hurt by the decision of his church, Ridgedale Church of Christ.

Sunday, church elders met with Cooper's wife and expressed concerns over her daughter, Collegedale police officer Katherine Cooper, being in a same-sex marriage.

Cooper says the choice was repent in front of the church or leave.

"They basically gave her an ultimatum. Even though they knew her position for all these years, it has never been a problem really," Cooper says.

The church pastor declined to comment on camera but has said the church doesn't support homosexuality and cannot condone couples living together outside of marriage.

Katherine then vented on social media.

She says by email, "If you don't think this happens in our community, you're naive."

Cooper says, "The notion they had no choice, I completely disagree with that. I certainly thought they had a choice to do what was right."

Katherine had struck a victory in the same sex couples battle after being awarded benefits for wife, Krista

This was a first for the Collegedale community.

Her father calls the church's decision a step in the wrong direction.

Cooper says his wife's father was one of the elders of the church for 60 years.

He claims the culture of the leadership has changed far from his father-in-law's views.

"They were the first to open the door to welcome people. It did not matter what race, creed, or age. They just loved you."