Erlanger now has a new tool in its arsenal when it comes zapping germs and making sure operating equipment stays as clean as possible.

"What we have here today is the Xenex machine, it's an added weapon towards the cleaning process," said Steve Wheeler, Director of EVS.  

This is the latest technology when it comes to disinfecting rooms and equipment to provide a safe, clean environment for patients.   

As hospitals across the nation look for new ways to battle super bugs  that puts patients at risk, Erlanger is stepping into the future with their new germ zapping robot."

"It goes and attacks the germs you hear about in the hospitals, MSRA, those are the big names you are hearing people coming in and getting those diseases. This weapon takes that way," said Wheeler.

In just five minutes, this $80,000 robot is able to kill harmful bacteria by zapping the germs with ultraviolet rays that reach every surface in the room, and doesn't leave a chemical residue.

Right now Erlanger is the only hospital in our area to have the Xenex and hospital officials say this new germ zapping robot is not only an important member of the team, but critical when it comes to saving lives by preventing infections.