A Soddy-Daisy police officer accused of road rage has been assigned to a new department.

Police say it started with allegations of a traffic altercation between officer Ryan Patterson and a woman.

According to the incident report filed by deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Officer Ryan Patterson was on his way home from a birthday party at Charlie's Lounge in Soddy Daisy around 3 a.m. Saturday. He had two women in his vehicle.

He says he was bright-lighted by a vehicle behind him.

Patterson pulled over to let her pass, but followed her into her driveway on Mowbray Mountain. The woman's husband met both vehicles in the driveway with his gun.

The two other women in Patterson's vehicle got out and began fighting with the homeowner's wife.

The homeowner fired warning shots into the ground and told Officer Patterson and the two women to get on their knees and wait for officers to arrive.

Once officers arrived, all parties involved apologized for the incident and no one pressed charges.

Patterson was given a field sobriety test following the call, but was allowed to leave the scene.    

Patterson was placed on leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

Patterson has since been transferred to the Public Works department.